Kick-Start Weekend

Photo’s from Kick-Start Weekend November 2014

Congratulations to team Int Houzz on winning Kick-Start Weekend 2014 and collecting $10 000 of in kind prizes! Special thanks to everyone who participate in the event and help create a successful Kick-Start Weekend! 

Date: November 7th, 8th and 9th

Location: Guernsey Market

Price: $20.00


Payments are collected upon registration through our event bright page. 


This Student Start-up weekend gives students the opportunity to learn and apply their knowledge to the creation of a business venture. Over the course of a weekend students are guided through information and learning sessions as they are presented with a topic area of a business issue. The students are then challenged to come up with a viable business and complete a venture capital ready presentation of their creation. The teams compete for a cash prize in front of a panel of judges.